How to play Banana Kong

Controls are simple: jumping, the most important element of the game banana kong download , is accomplished by tapping your device, and if you want to glide a few feet, hold your finger down for a quick second. Collecting bananas is the goal, as they help increase the levels of your energy bar, which is located on the upper left hand corner of your device. Once the bar is filled, swipe your finger from left to right and Banana Kong will power dash through barriers and gain distance from the banana avalanche. Although power dashing is necessary to survive, my go to move is jumping from flower to flower it’s a great way to get a little elevation.


Banana Kong

Running, jumping, and avoiding smashing into walls aren’t the only physical activities available for Banana Kong, as he can ride a boar or fly on a toucan to get around the jungle. Riding these animals speeds up the game in a heartbeat, and thankfully there are very few moments where you’ll lose concentration or simply get bored while you’re avoiding crocodiles, rolling logs, or piranhas.

Linh Download banana kong game

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