Play Banana Kong: Banana Madness

Collecting bananas fills your power bar and hit the power-dash to enter new worlds or get through the most impossible obstacles. One-thumb controls lets you play for hours and make it easier to master the moves. Banana Kong features a very catchy tune that’s undoubtedly entertaining. Let’s see what else lies ahead in the jungle.


Banana Kong download

  • Swing through the vines and charge through the caves of the busiest rainforest to ever hit your screens. Go on top of the jungle or jump over the treetops as you run from a landslide of Kong’s favourite bananas. Discover an underground world where there’s a hot steamy lava waiting to drive you off for good.
  • Each levels comes with new challenge and are set randomly to surprise anyone who have the knack for running the fate of this awesome gorilla. While you’re there, have no qualms about some helpful jungle animals you meet along the way. They could help unlock some upgrades and help Kong rush through the hurdles in no time.
  • Compare ranking with your friends and fellow players to help develop your gaming skills. Outrun your friends’ farthest distance and unlock several Game Services achievements. Banana Kong 
  • Smash boulders to uncover secrets and bonuses. Speed along the stretch by riding with Toucans and Warthogs and get more bananas from the many challenges in the line-up.
  • Once your energy bar is full, just tap the power-dash for an incredible speed. This will also change the sceneries to come across the jungle. There are a whole lot of places to unveil to keep it more interesting while keeping the same rules of the game.
  • It would be smart to keep things balanced when it comes to upgrading your skills. The upgrade system offers a lot of choices, but it could cost you real money to get some of the essentials. With the very elusive yet useful Magnet bonus, one might just need to purchase in-game necessities every so often.

Linh Download banana kong game

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