Banana kong: Disasters bananas

Banana Kong is a pretty funny game, when players will play a monkey, banana sip engrossed then … a gust of “Banana Foot” where strikes, so you have to run for their lives


Banana Kong download

Come to Banana Kong (BK), the player will turn into gorilla cute and funny. Your task is simply to run, eat bananas and dodging obstacles. But why run? Manufacturers have integrated quite humorous situations when immersed Kong bananas, a gust of “cataclysmic … banana” struck. Kong journey home so we’ve started.

Adventure is not easy at all, sometimes you see the rocks harmless, but at times the crocodiles prowling you that for a first miscarriage … “whipped”. But fortunately, the journey you will get the support of many friends green forest as birds, wild pigs, turtles and giraffes.

Linh Download banana kong game

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