Script order to get very far (Part 2)

Underground, the high speed and start falling stalactites, let the gorilla into the lava to the surface it back. When we arrived back in the forest, Banana Kong vest to gain speed (if not already) and try to find a water hose to entry.


Upon entering the phase of the water, the speed will decrease slightly and you can still redirect some fish. Touch screen to swim up gorilla, but the most useful commands to do the opposite. Slide your finger down to embed gorilla. From the reaction of the following commands is fast, use it to dodge the fish.

Banana Kong download

In the underwater scenery, the most important is not to get turtles. To keep it, it will go very far, and the higher your level, the gorilla will stay longer trapped in it.

Finally, if you are bitten by crocodile in the water, you can still return to the surface to try to get on top of the tree.

Link download banana kong game

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