Banana Kong: In the treetops

One of the tricks that few people know in Banana Kong game is the ability to return the object. While jumping, sliding your finger down, you can return with spring flowers and the treetops. The action came in the trees is essential to travel long distance.


Banana Kong download

To move up in the treetops, you have to activate speed and use it when the gorilla is swinging on a vine. This time he jumped and went to the treetops. Highlights of this scenario is no obstacle, making it the ideal setting for the game is too fast to avoid the obstacles in the woods or on the ground.

In the treetops, it is essential to have all the ability to surf and to keep the tree can be seen in advance. The giraffe will help if you make a mistake or do not have trees nearby. But there is no point paying for it, because the dynamics of the giraffe is always the same.

Link download banana kong game

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