Banana Kong: Learn how to win bananas in the game (Part 2)

Step 4: Jump on the platforms and hit the blocks, avoiding the lava pits. There is a limit of blows that the boar supports and when reaching this limit he will release the gorilla. The limit is represented by a bar of energy with the face of the boar.


Banana Kong download

Step 5: Collect as many Banana Kong as possible to increase Boar level. To do this, go to the store and tap on improvements. Slide the screen until you find the boar. The key is to increase the boar level to the maximum so that it can withstand up to 20 strokes and break, multiply the number of bananas collected by two while you are in the wild boar.

Step 6: Practicing in this single stage, underground, you will learn the pattern of obstacles, which is great for saving boar energy. With the maximum level, you can collect more than a thousand bananas with a single boar.

Do not worry about accomplishing the missions suggested by the game, because many of them are complex and yield few bananas. Raise the glider level to the maximum as well and, if possible, also buy the colored banana, as it yields 30 bananas. The other power-ups and levels of other animals are better for reaching greater distances and not for collecting more bananas.

Link download banana kong game

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